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International Journalist Identification Database and Social Networking Community

JournalistID aims to be the world's first completely free, non commercial international directory and publishing system for journalists.

Member's profile hyperlink code enables a simple contact system for their articles and does not compromise their email address to the general public or spam crawler programs hunting for online email addresses.

Secure individual contact forms protect your private address and enable instant contact from employers directly to your private email address without having to log in repeatedly.

Members have currently received 329042 contacts.

A week or so after registering you will find your journalist profile easily found on all major search engines.

Your name or articles will be easily found by prospective international employers, clients or contacts.

Network amongst leading regional journalists around the world and collaborate on articles.

The JournalistID system is a leading force in online identification, verification and monitoring services for international journalism. JournalistID also offers strategic services to the news and information sectors.

The founder Matthew Walker is famous as the inventor of PassWindow online IT security authentication method which was featured in the Wall Street Journals Asian Innovation Award

"A new way to outwit internet fraudsters".

Publish your articles online now

All JournalistID members have unique access to publish their articles directly online through a unique international news network and earn income from google adsense in the process.

Publish your articles to any of 6 major regional news websites
earn 100% of advertising incomefrom your articles through google adsense
  Your articles are easily configurable

Members simply log in at the bottom of the regional news site they wish to post in using their current JournalistID useremail and password and write their article directly into the form.

Designed for simplicity Write, edit, preview, draft, publish, delete or even collaborate in realtime with other international JournalistID members around the world.
Collaborate with international journalists in realtime!
Draw on regional journalists knowledge base by working togeather on articles, crosschecking regional information with the best international journalists.

To enable an article for collaboration simply set the article to "collaboration" and it will instantly be listed and available for editing by any other JournalistID member in their "Collaborative Article" list which drops down as shown on the right.

Once you are satified the article is ready to go simply set it to publish and it will no longer be listed to other members.

Collaborative articles are not published until set by the original author.

JournalistID members can not edit the category, title, header or photos of other member articles which are marked as "collaborative". The body of the article is easily edited with any changes being made in realtime and a notification email being sent to the original author.

If you would like to join a unique, exciting, modern approach to international journalism please sign up now and start building your international profile and portfolio today.
"*Notice: Earn money from your articles directly to your personal google adsense account. Simply enter your "google_ad_client" code into your JournalistID profile and any articles you publish through the system will display only your google banner next to your article giving you 100% of the advertising income from your article. If you do not have a google adsense account you can sign up here.


If you are not convinced that an online profile as a journalist is a useful tool then you may wish to read this article by a kidnapped journalist in Iraq, where his online journalist profile saved his life!

"They Googled him, they checked him out on a popular search engine and got onto his own website or his publisher's website and saw he was a writer and journalist," Mr Carey told AAP

Iraqi militants 'Googled' kidnapped reporter before release

Free International Journalist Membership

Basic free membership is available for all international journalists to use and make contacts with. Members must upload their personal photographs for identification and afterwards can control their profile details through a simple profile login section located at the bottom of every page.

If you are not already a member sign up here

Regular member information page

Easy direct email contact on your profile without compromising your private email address

List of links to your various online articles for easy reference

Journalists Ordered by VisiRank™

    Unlike other directories that can only list members alphabetically, regardless of how good they are, the journalists in the JournalistID directory are ordered according to JournalistID's patented VisiRank™ technology. This means that the most active and highly-regarded journalists on any topic are listed first ... not buried deep within a list of other pages.

What do the horizontal bars mean?

    The rating bars above the journalists are a measure of their online article traffic activity, as determined by JournalistID's patented VisiRank™ technology. These VisiRank™ bars tell you at a glance whether other people on the web consider a journalist to be a popular, high-quality writer. JournalistID itself does not evaluate or endorse members. Rather, we measure what others on the web feel is important enough to deserve their traffic. And because JournalistID does not accept payment for placement within our database, the information you see when you conduct a member search is based on totally objective criteria.

How does the VisiRank™ system monitor journalists?

    VisiRank™ uses a patented online article monitoring system which constantly analyses our member journalist's web presence and remote article traffic flows. Data is retrieved and collated from a wide variety of online sources. Patented algorithms then automatically generate a members overall VisiRank™ in relation to his or her journalistic peers in any particular journalistic category. Our specialized web crawlers are constantly re-evaluating each members statistics.

How can i improve my JournalistID VisiRank™?

    The most simple way to increase your ranking is to use your JournalistID contact signature html code in your online articles.
    example <a href="">Martin Garlace</a>
    Our crawlers will be able to quickly find and reference your articles and monitor their traffic statistics.

Further questions about our service?
Feel free to contact us
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