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Naweed Yousufi Freelance Journalist. Director Refugees Rise (www.refugee working as a freelance Journalist from 2004 up to know. from 2005 up to 2009 worked with KAFg-TV as a Army Journalist in Afghanistan. covering the ISAF , NATO ,US Army, making Documentary Film Doing Research on Afghanistan War
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1 Unified Command Team designates Police Precinct stations for community security
2 ISAF Congratulates Afghan Police on Significant Chemical Find
3 ISAF-NATO medal Parade to Spanish Forces
4 ISAF Joint Command morning operational
5 RC-West. 20120615. Spanish Paratroopers return to Afghanistan »
6 Medics partner and train to save lives »
7 Reverse Suspension of Political Party
8 responsibilities of Bagram detention center will be officially handed over from ISAF forces to the Government of Afghanistan today
9 HQ ISAF got attack
10 Haqqani Network is at Read Line of USA
11 Afghan Troops of the 207th Corps disrupt Insurgents Groups in Ghor Province of Western Afghanistan »
12 ISAF Aircrafts destroy an Insurgents' communication facility in Western Afghanistan »
13 NATO Secretary General announces North Atlantic Council approval of new Supreme Allied Comman
14 Afghan and US Military Officials Agree to Suspension of Central Command Designation
15 World peace for life kabul peace conference
16 New Land Registration System Enhances Transparency and Provides Formal Title to Afghan Citizens
17 World Peace For Life Presented By *Prince Ali* Kabul Peace Conference 18 – March - 2013
18 Sexual Assault Awareness Month in Afghanistan
19 The Afghan forces lead an important combined operation in the Murghab Valley with the support of th
20 Rescued Afghan child checked out by U.S. medic
21 Lithuanian MOD visits Chaghcharan PRT
22 TOLA visit RC-W
23 the alpine 'Julia' Brigade celebrates the 15th anniversary of the MLF establishment
24 the transition continues in the Afghanistan western region
25 Jawed Ludin Meets With the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Sweden
27 * Pakistan Army attack at the Kushta distract of Jalabad at Afghanistan *
28 12 taliban who are try to attack at Election day on 5 april 2014 arrest by afghan National Security forces at Khost Provnices
29 Pakistan Try to Bring afghan New Government under control
30 SYC-A Statement on January 20 Attack on Media Professionals